Our Grading Chart

Carat weight
Size Range 0.30 To 10 carats
Purity Description
FL Flawless
IS Inernally Flawless
VVS-1 Very Very Slightly Included-1
VVS-2 Very Very Slightly Included-2
VS-1+ Slightly Better than VS-1
VS-1 Very Slightly Included-1
VS-2+ Slightly Better than VS-2
VS-2 Very Slightly Included-2
SI-1+ Slightly Better than SI-1
SI-1 Slightly Included-1
SI-1- Slightly lower than SI-1
SI-2+ Slightly Better than SI-2
SI-2 Slightly Included-2
SI-2- Slightly lower than SI-2
SI-3+ Slightly better than SI-3
SI-3 Slightly Included-3
SI-3- Slightly lower than SI-3
I-1+ Slightly better than I-1
I-1 Included -1
I-1- Slightly lower than I-1
SGS Color Grades Parameters
D+, D,& D- Colorless
E+, E & E-  
F+, F & F-  
G+, G & G- Near Colorless
H+, H & H-  
I+, I & I-  
J+, J & J-  
K+, K & K- Faint
L+, L & L-  
M+, M & M-  
N to R Very Light
S to Z Light
SGS Cut Grades Description
EX Excellent Cut
VG Very Good Cut
G Good Cut
F Fair Cut
SGS Polish Grades Description
EX Excellent Polish
VG Very Good Polish
G Good Polish
F Fair Polish
SGS Symmetry Grades Description
EX Excellent Symmetry
VG Very Good Symmetry
G Good Symmetry
F Fair Symmetry
Hearts & Arrows
SGS H&A Grades Description
EX Excellent H&A (100%)
VG Very Good H&A (80%)
SGS Fluorescence Grades Description
N None Fluorescence
FNT Faint Fluorescence
MED Medium Fluorescence
STG Strong Fluorescence
VSG Very Strong Fluorescence
SGS Luster Grades Description
EX Excellent Luster
VG Very Good Luster
G Good Luster
F Fair Luster
Black Inclusion (Natts)
SGS Black Inclusion Description
N None
B_PP Pin Point Black Inclusion
B-1 Minor Black Inclusion
B-2 Medium Black Inclusion
We specify two part of black inclusion
(i) Table black inclusion
(ii) Side black inclusion
Other Inclusion
SGS Other Inclusion Description
N None
PP-1 Pin Point Minor Inclusion
PP-2 Pin Point Medium Inclusion
CLR-1 Crystal Minor Inclusion
CLR-2 Crystal Medium Inclusion
SPR-1 Spreaded Minor Inclusion
SPR-2 Spreaded Medium Inclusion
SPR-3 Spreaded Heavy Inclusion
FR-1 Feather Minor Inclusion
FR-2 Feather Medium Inclusion
FR-3 Feather Heavy Inclusion
CLD-1 Cloud Minor Inclusion
CLD-2 Cloud Medium Inclusion
CLD-3 Cloud Heavy Inclusion
We specify two part of other inclusion
(i) Table other inclusion
(ii) Side other inclusion
Open Inclusion
SGS Open Inclusion Description
N None
HL Hair Line Open Inclusion
SM Small Open Inclusion
MD Medium Open Inclusion
HV Heavy Open Inclusion
We specify two part of open inclusion
(i) Table open inclusion
(ii) Side open inclusion
Carat weight
SGS Extra Facet Grade Description
N None
P_SM Pavilion Small
P_MD Pavilion Medium
P_MJ Pavilion Major
P_HV Pavilion Heavy
C_SM Crown Small
C_MD Crown Medium
T_SM Table Small
Additional Comment for Certified
If our (SGS) Clarity grading is VS 2
and l aboratory gives it SI 1 certificate,
we will specify the exclusive clarity in
the comment column.
If our (SGS) clarity grading is SI 1 and
the laboratory gives us a VS 2
certificate, we will specify the
upgraded clarity in the comment column.
If our (SGS) color grading is G and the
laboratory gives us a H certificate, we
will specify exclusive color in the
comment column.
If our (SGS) color grading is H and the
laboratory gives us a G certificate, we
will specify upgraded color in the
comment column.
The Brown Color Group
We specify Brown in our Comment
column when it has Deep Brown Color.
We specify Brown Tinge in our
Comment Column when it has Light
Brown Color.
We specify Mix Tinge in our Comment
column when it has Mixed shade of
Yellow and Brown Color.


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